Dedicated For Early Parent/Baby Bonding Through

Water Therapy And Infant Massage Coaching

Water, the media of birth, is joined with parent’s touch and focused massage, the age old bonding element of nurturing; under the tutelage of Jazmin Johnson an experienced neonatal nurse.  By introducing touch and water or hydrotherapy as mediums, you learn skills to use at home to gently and safely communicate with your baby.  babyhydrospa sessions are designed to educate and guide you, the parent, on massage techniques and hydrotherapy to stimulate and soothe your baby.  Hydrotherapy allows the baby the freedom of movement in warm purified water which can stimulate both physical and cognitive growth.  These developments are accelerated and easily observed allowing early health assurances to the parents.  babyhydrospa is designed for babies 1 month to 7 months olds