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“Loving touch is the newborn’s first form of social communication. The bond it builds is the foundation for the baby’s healthy development and may be the most important event in the parents and baby’s life. Observing the how and when of events leading to this bonding being established has been my joy to watch, learn and stimulate for my years serving as a neonatal nurse. I now intend to provide the education and the facilities to promote early and full bonding.” – Jazmin Johnson

Neonatal nurse Jazmin Johnson’s dream is to create a place where parents and babies could grow together, in a gentle environment, with her expert guidance and the assistance of soothing water and effective massage; touch and water—two modalities whose benefits have been recognized in medical settings for many years.


She introduces the concepts and guides the development of massage skills based on the comprehensive, five-part International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) program. She will guide you through the massage portion of the session using a prop to demonstrate proper techniques.  Through this program parents will be able to polish those massage techniques they learn at babyhydrospa and continue reaping the benefits at home.

Ms. Johnson founded babyhydrospa in 2015 and is pleased to offer a comfortable, relaxing, and intimate environment equipped with the latest facility support equipment, material, and protections. With every visit, she provides a listening ear and timely information. Parents are welcome to access her decades of experience and expertise in baby care.

Babies and parents with difficulty sleeping, feeding, or “settling,” and those who experienced separation at birth, may find our services especially beneficial.

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