Is it safe?
Yes.  Hydrotherapy and infant massage are not only safe; they’re healthy!  These proven modalities are used by cutting-edge health care facilities and professionals around the country, especially in medical settings with the most sensitive patients requiring very gentle treatment.  Your guide during your babyhydrospa sessions, Jazmin Johnson, is a certified and experienced neonatal nurse who has worked with babies for over 28 years.


How does this benefit my baby?
Hydrotherapy and infant massage promote relaxation, health, and well-being, and they assist in the smooth functioning of the physical and mental systems in the body.  For your baby, this can mean better digestion (and less gas), better sleep, and less fussiness overall.


How much hands-on participation will I have as the parent?
Your baby is all yours, and we intend for all of the bonding and touch to take place between you and your little one.  Ms. Johnson is there to facilitate, teach, and guide as you tend to and communicate with your baby—and learn skills for use with him or her.


Is there any chance of drowning?
No, your baby is never left unattended or further than arm’s reach.  Our hydrotherapy sessions are as safe as any bath your baby will take with you supervising—plus the additional layer of safety of having a medically trained baby expert present!


What do I need to bring to the session?
Just yourself ,your baby, and baby personal needs. Please dress comfortable to allow for easy hands-on experience. Sanitized towels and swim diapers are provided. You may want to prepare to nurse or bottle-feed your baby, as they will get hungry after the session. A bottle warmer is available at babyhydrospa.


Can I bring a guest or other children to the class session?
Yes, you may bring guests to your session, though to maintain the calm atmosphere, we ask that you bring no more than two adults. We recommend you limit the number of siblings and have an adult to supervise the siblings .


How many babies are allowed in each class session?
Each class session is limited to two babies, to provide an intimate setting for parents and babies.


Do babies float together?
No, babies do not float together.  Individual tubs are used for each baby and sanitized between sessions.


How long is each class session?
Each class session lasts about an hour. Please arrive a little early so that your session can start on time.


Do I get into the water with my baby?
No, you will watch and tend to your baby from outside the tub, just like you would at home.  Please dress to your comfort; during your session, you will be interacting with your baby while he/she is in the tub and sitting while you give your baby a massage.


How will my baby react to floating?
After floating, babies tend to eat better, sleep better and poop more easily. You will have time to feed you baby during your session, as they tend to get hungry after floating. Babies go into naptime (and bedtime) more relaxed and have bowel movements with less discomfort.


How often should we come in?
To take advantage of the maximum cognitive, physical and emotional benefits for your baby, it is important to come in regularly. We recommend coming in at least once a week with your baby once his/her umbilical cord has fallen off. Regular attendance may continue until your baby is 6-7 months old.


Do you sell the flotation devices?
No, flotation devices are not sold. Our staff custom fits the flotation device to your baby at each session to ensure a secure fit as your baby grows. Your baby’s safety is our first concern, so we only allow devices to be used under supervision at babyhydrospa.


My baby is really fussy…  Do some babies “take” to massage better than others?
Actually, fussy babies may benefit the most from hydrotherapy and infant massage sessions!  A baby who is irritated or in some discomfort is likely to find relief from this combination of soothing, familiar water immersion; massage techniques to optimize digestive, nervous, and circulatory functions; and—most important—uninterrupted contact with the person he or she needs the most.


Will you help me if I don’t have any experience with baby massage?
Of course!  The whole purpose of our massage sessions is to teach you how to massage your baby, so you can take those skills home and use them as much as you like.  We provide continual guidance during your sessions as you gain hands-on experience learning to perform gentle massage on your baby.


Available sessions and pricing?
Our sessions and prices are listed on the schedule appointment page. When you decide which class you want to attend, you may create an account to book that session.


If I am still pregnant, how far in advance should I schedule my baby’s first appointment?
To ensure you get an appointment, call now or go online to schedule your baby’s first session for about one month after your estimated due date. If necessary, your session can always be rescheduled once your baby is born.


What if my baby is sick the day of our session?
Sometimes, babies and/or parents get sick before a session, and we want to accommodate you and your baby’s needs. Though we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, we can make exceptions for unexpected illness.  Contact us immediately to notify us, and we’ll reschedule your appointment at your convenience.


If you have a question that we did not answer here, please contact us at (571-278-2526). We are more than happy to speak with you and provide more information about what you can expect at babyhydrospa!