gift certificate

A gift certificate is a supporting gift to give a new mother; one that will provide confidence and pride, answer emerging care questions and promote bonding.  (A great photo opportunity)

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for someone please click on ‘Buy Gift Certificate’ button below.

Regular sessions are $90 each. If purchasing a gift certificate for a first time client you can purchase a $50 gift certificate valid for any session. The complete training program is 5 sessions.

Please note: You do not need a PayPal account to purchase a gift certificate but you must have or register for a PayPal account to redeem gift certificates. Instructions on how to redeem is located below and on the gift certificate itself.

How to redeem a gift certificate

  1. Visit Shop and find a session you wish to purchase. Go to the schedule appointment page then complete the appointment form and click on ‘submit’ button.
  2. Select PayPal as your payment option. Log in to your account. You must have or register for a PayPal account to redeem this gift certificate. (To register, click Sign Up now.)
  3. When prompted, click on redeem and enter your gift certificate redemption code and follow the last steps to redeem your gift certificate.