babyhydrospa sessions are designed to educate and guide you, the parent, on massage techniques to stimulate and soothe your baby.  Bonding occurs naturally as you learn skills you can use at home to gently, safely communicate with your baby using touch and water, or hydrotherapy, as mediums.  The experience of suspension in water returns babies to the security they felt prior to birth.

Each session will begin with a round of hydrotherapy and is followed by guided massage coaching for parent (and baby) on a different area of the body.  Hydrotherapy and massage coaching take place in a secure environment, under the guidance of a skilled, experienced neonatal nurse. Currently, our facility has two BPA free acrylic free standing tubs and we only allow one baby to float in each tub.  Each session last about an hour.

You and your baby can benefit from overall enhanced well being, such as improved sleeping patterns, increased appetite, and natural relief from common discomforts.

Part 1: Hydrotherapy
Each babyhydrospa session begins with 20 minutes of hydrotherapy.  Prior to hydrotherapy you will fit your baby with a disposable swim diaper, fulfill any immediate baby needs, and carefully adjust and fit a flotation device to support the baby in a warm, purified and softened water bath.  At this time, your expert guide (neonatal nurse Jazmin Johnson) will also introduce you to the safety precautions required for baby flotation.

Your baby will be comfortable and secure in the near-weightless feel of the water.  He or she will soon be stimulated to move about so each session provides a physical workout that strengthens your baby’s heart, lungs, confidence, smile, and overall physical development.

The temperature of the water will range between 94- 98 degrees Fahrenheit and a fresh, warmed, and sterilized towel is supplied as the floating session ends.

Part 2: Infant Massage
The second part of a babyhydrospa session turns to the baby massage coaching. Jazmin Johnson RN will guide you using a prop to demonstrate the proper techniques.
Each of the five sessions has a different, complementary focus, as follows:

  1. Legs and Feet
  2. Colic Routine and Stomach
  3. Chest, Arms, and Hands
  4. Face and Back
  5. Gentle Movements

The techniques you will learn in these sessions are wonderful preparation for some of challenges you will face in caring for a growing, constantly changing baby—without the use of pharmaceuticals or unnatural stimulants!  For baby, the techniques provide natural relief in a welcoming, spa-like setting, and improved bonding with the most important person in his or her life.  You will enjoy discovering how much fun you can have and the deep connections you can make even with the youngest of babies.  And discover that you both can get a full night’s sleep!

Schedule your first session now and experience the babyhydrospa for yourself!

Light snacks, water, and tea or coffee served.