your visits

  • Arrive at the babyhydrospa business location, 3123 Barkley Drive. Please drive to the front door and we will greet you at the schedule time.
  • Discuss your needs and goals with Nurse Jazmin; and plan the session details
  • You will prepare your baby’s float collar, Nurse Jazmin will show how to make it secure and comfortable
  • Watch as your baby calmly enjoys the water and then gains an ability to explore the tub by moving legs. At this time we can record the floating session.
  • Remove your baby from the water using the warm sterile towels available and transfer your baby to the adjacent table to be dried. Take care of any other baby/parents needs.  During this period Nurse Jazmin will be preparing you to get the most out of the more structured Infant Massage USA instruction to follow; using a doll as her prop.
  • The Infant Massage USA course is designed to cover the full massage education set in 5 sessions. At each session the Baby’s tub action will become more vigorous; baby will be stronger and more confident and parents will look less haggard. Videos and filming opportunities are available to record both conditions.